Wearing Official Vacuum County Slogan T-shirt On A Forest Walk

Today I wore the official Vacuum County slogan t-shirt on a forest walk. It is comfortable to wear in the unseasonably warm weather we are still having here in the local mountains.

I wore the official Vacuum County slogan t-shirt on a walk.
I wore the Vacuum County shirt with pattern leggings.

This slogan shirt is based on the novel Vacuum County by Aya Katz, and is available on Amazon.

The Vacuum County Shirt

Today I received the Vacuum County shirt in the mail.
The Vacuum County Shirt features the artwork from Aya Katz’s novel, which is a painting of a bull she created herself.
There is a cool Inverted A symbol on the back of the shirt, which represents the name of the literary press Inverted-A.

Amazon offers shirts for fans of the books, and the Vacuum County shirt is just one of the many novel themed tees offered on this site.


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The slideshow has several more views of this shirt.


If you are wondering what this novel is about, it is available over on Amazon.

The video illustrates the shirt in motion.