The Joshua Tree Shirt And Wavy Long Hair

I wore the Joshua Tree shirt I created with a black pencil skirt and pattern tights. My hair was long and wavy at night from having worn it in a braid all day.

The Joshua Tree shirt has a reprint of my original photograph from a trip I took to this park.

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The photo slide show illustrates how the Joshua Tree shirt looks with my long wavy hair down.


Wearing Official Vacuum County Slogan T-shirt On A Forest Walk

Today I wore the official Vacuum County slogan t-shirt on a forest walk. It is comfortable to wear in the unseasonably warm weather we are still having here in the local mountains.

I wore the official Vacuum County slogan t-shirt on a walk.
I wore the Vacuum County shirt with pattern leggings.

This slogan shirt is based on the novel Vacuum County by Aya Katz, and is available on Amazon.

Personal Fashion And Being A Vegan

First and foremost I am a vegan for myself and the animals, and it is part of my personal journey to finding peace. My vegan path is not about convincing others to go vegan, although I highly recommend it, but by pursuing things that make me happy. These days I enjoy riding my bike, going on hikes when I can, reading lots of  books, cooking vegan meals, and working on art projects.

My art has inspired many the designs on the shirts I wear, and through fashion I have learned you can have your own sense of personal style and be a vegan. Sometimes I draw pictures directly on shirts with fabric markers, and other times I use prints of my artwork and photography to create shirts over on Zazzle.

I was never interested in wearing leather even back when I was semi-vegetarian, and now as a vegan I do not agree with it. Rather, I prefer to wear clothing that is not derived from animal products, and wear items that express my sense of style. These ideas continue to inspire the artwork on my Zazzle shop, and I have many shirts available for there if you like what you see.