Irina Sitting On The Grass Shirt

I am wearing the Irina the cat sitting on the grass shirt, which has an illustration I created with fabric markers.
I created this fabric marker shirt design in August 2015,  which has lasted since I treat the garment with care. I turn the shirt inside out and wash it on the cold cycle, and then hang it up to dry, which has extended the life of the cat art.
The illustration was drawn on a neon yellow shirt, which is bright and cheerful.

The video illustrates how the shirt looks on a person in motion. If you do not want to make your own fabric marker design on a shirt, I have created a shirt with the illustration of Irina sitting on the grass over on Zazzle.


Irina The Cat Shirt And Sun Hat

Yesterday I wore the Irina the cat shirt with my new sun hat, which is perfect here in Southern California.

Wearing the Irina the cat coming out of the wood shirt with my new sun hat.
Wearing the Irina the cat shirt with snow-capped Mount San Gorgonio in the background.
The hat keeps the sun off my face so I do not have to squint.


Another view of modeling the shirt with orange trees in the distance.
The straw hat is lightweight to wear in spring with this shirt.

The Irina the cat shirt has a reprint of my painting and is available in over on Zazzle.

Watch a short video clip of what I wore today with the Irina the cat shirt and the new straw hat.