The Death Valley Ghost House Shirt

Last December I drew a little colored pencil drawing of a ghost house in Death Valley, inspired by a photograph I took of a ghost town we used to camp nearby. I decided to repost this shirt with the design because it is very quintessential of California camping trips. Our family always used to go camping in the desert, and I like to create artwork reminiscent of these travels.

The Death Valley ghost house shirt has a reprint of my original colored pencil drawing.

The Joshua Tree Shirt And Wavy Long Hair

I wore the Joshua Tree shirt I created with a black pencil skirt and pattern tights. My hair was long and wavy at night from having worn it in a braid all day.

The Joshua Tree shirt has a reprint of my original photograph from a trip I took to this park.

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The photo slide show illustrates how the Joshua Tree shirt looks with my long wavy hair down.