Seven Trivia Questions to Win a Vacuum County T-Shirt of Your Choice

Today is the start of the  trivia contest to win shirts based on the art from the novel Vacuum County, which I am running here on Art Shirt Designs. The author Aya Katz has come up with seven trivia questions to win a Vacuum County T-Shirt of your choice.

1. Why could Verity not make a call to her parents when she was arrested?
2. What was Saul Jones looking for when he first met Sam Beck?
3. What was Alvar Nuňez Cabeza de Vaca picking when he saw a burning bush?
4. Who was Nabal’s grandfather? Why was he ineligible to serve as a judge?
5. What instrument does David Smith play and what is the song Saul liked him to play?
6. How did Verity know that Nabal’s mother tongue wasn’t what everyone thought it was?
7. When did the New York Times decide to investigate Verity’s complaint?

Here are the Vacuum County shirts available on Amazon.

From those who get the answers right, two will be drawn to win a T-shirt.  Send your name and answers to the seven questions above to the email address, and I will forward these to Aya Katz to select the winners a week before Christmas. Here are a few photos of two of the Vacuum County shirts.

The Vacuum County slogan shirt makes a statement from the book.
The Vacuum County shirt comes in light blue, and several other colors.
All the Inverted-A shirts feature the symbol from this press run by Aya Katz.
The black Vacuum County shirt with artwork from the cover of the novel by Aya Katz.