Wearing The Zebra Shirt With My Long Hair Down

I wore the zebra shirt with my long hair down.

On my birthday I wore the zebra shirt again with my long hair down. The zebra shirt can be worn with any style, but it is intriguing how my long dark hair blends in with the black of the shirt. This allows the zebra artwork I created to pop out.

Sometimes I like to wear colorful knee socks with my print shirts, like I did here.

In the video I am modeling the zebra shirt with my long flowing hair.


The zebra shirt is available over on Zazzle.

2 Replies to “Wearing The Zebra Shirt With My Long Hair Down”

  1. I love that shirt! I remember back when you were working on the zebra drawing. It is one of my favorites of your artworks. I also like the outfit you put together to wear with this shirt, and I love your long hair, of course. That skirt looks a little tight around your knees. Does it keep you from walking very fast? I like the way it looks, but when I wore a skirt to work and had to walk long distances on foot in Taiwan, just to catch my bus, I always made sure the skirt was wide at the bottom so it would not hinder my stride.

    1. I really only wear this skirt on the weekends when I am not going on any long walks. I should have tried it on because it is comfortable, but it is a bit tight fitting. I am hoping once I get back down to a weight I want and it stretches out a bit, maybe I can walk in it more efficiently.