The American Genealogy Shirt

The American genealogy shirt shares my love of working on my family tree. The shirt features cursive text with the words “American Genealogy,” which is all about tracing the story of why our ancestors immigrated to the United States. What is your American genealogy story?


2 Replies to “The American Genealogy Shirt”

  1. I haven’t done much work on genealogy, though my family does have a well traced line of descent. (Some claim they have it worked out going all the way back to King David.) Going back just a little to my great great grandparents on my father’s side is not hard.

    I was never all that interested in the snob appeal of distinguished or famous ancestors, but reading about the new DNA analysis has got me interested in learning how facial features, personality traits and talents may be allocated genetically. I find it very interesting that the traditional degrees of consanguinity in a family tree do not reflect who is more closely related to whom in terms of actual genetic traits.

    1. I never understood the obsession with being related to a famous person. I just like learning more about the history of why a family immigrated, and how they ended up in different places. The DNA aspect of genealogy is definitely a game changer. Most parents, siblings, and first cousins share the same amount of DNA, but it can definitely vary. Certain traits are definitely passed from one child in another generation and not another. For instance, my grandpa and I both had a fear of peach skin because of the fuzzy texture, but my dad, his siblings, and my sisters did not get this. Also, when you get the third cousin level you may be related genectically, but the current autosomal tests can show you sharing 0 DNA. I still know that a third cousin is my actual cousin because we share several matches in common, but we just do not inherit any of the same SNPs. Perhaps these results were change a bit when full genomic sequencing is available to the public.