Patience Is A Virtue To Cultivate Shirt

Lately, I have thought about the concept of patience in our fast paced society. I know sometimes technology has spoiled me into expecting instant gratification, but I try to remember the art of cultivating patience. This is especially true when I am working on an art project that will not come to fruition overnight, and which I might put down, and take back up again later. The point is, I do make a goal of finishing all my art projects, but I am reminding myself to cultivate patience as a virtue because Rome was not built in a day. So sure the prompt satisfaction we get from someone texting us back or immediately responding to our email might be alluring at the moment, but in the long run, it can leave us craving something more substantial in the sea of technological communications. I realized all along I already had strong and real life friendships in my day-to-day life, and it is important not to forget about this when we are so apt to just fall back on Facebook messaging or texting someone.

I love social media and technology, but I do make a point to step away from it. When I am out and about I am not constantly texting, and I am actually looking up and observing people around me. I attempt to look people in the eye when I have conversations with them, and I do not think there are any texts that are so pressing we have to an immediately reply when we are in the presence of others. I think there is something to be said about giving the people we are with at the present moment in time the time of day, and having the virtue to cultivate patience in many circumstances.

A few months ago I was letting certain subject such as get to me, but I have decided to step back. I want to enjoy nature and the company of friends who care about me. I do not want to get in a dither about every circumstance and situation, many of which I no control over. I believe what we do have command of is how we treat others and ourselves in daily and small interactions, which can build up over the course of a lifetime. I also believe that the truth will always come out, and although it might not exactly be karma, but those who take others for granted in the present might realize they lost out in the long run. Everything does come full circle, but mostly, you just have to give things time. So it is time to start cultivating patience again, which is why I wrote this cursive reminder out to myself, which is now available on a shirt over on Zazzle.

Irina The Cat Shirt And Sun Hat

Yesterday I wore the Irina the cat shirt with my new sun hat, which is perfect here in Southern California.

Wearing the Irina the cat coming out of the wood shirt with my new sun hat.
Wearing the Irina the cat shirt with snow-capped Mount San Gorgonio in the background.
The hat keeps the sun off my face so I do not have to squint.


Another view of modeling the shirt with orange trees in the distance.
The straw hat is lightweight to wear in spring with this shirt.

The Irina the cat shirt has a reprint of my painting and is available in over on Zazzle.

Watch a short video clip of what I wore today with the Irina the cat shirt and the new straw hat.