Cat TShirts For Women

Here is a cat tshirt that is "purrfect" for women.
Here is a cat tshirt that is “purrfect” for women.

So what kind of cat tshirts are women looking for? If they like black cats, then perhaps the Irina the cat shirt might be right up their alley. Get it? A cat loving alley!

This shirt is grey and features a reprint of an oil painting I created of Irina the cat with the San Bernardino Mountains in the distance. In the foreground Irina is sitting near some boulders, which is a very iconic Southern California Inland Valley scene.

Irina The Cat Shirt
The hues in the painting of Irina the cat match well with the grey shirt. The beige and black lace headband also adds a bit of my personal style to this outfit.
Cat Shirts For Women
Also, I paired the Irina the cat shirt with a navy pencil skirt. I wore shoes outside of the house, but I was barefoot inside when I took the picture. I can only keep shoes on my feet for so long.

If the Irina the cat shirt is right up your cat alley, then purchase over on Zazzle.